About us

The CISE (Center for Social and Sustainable Innovation) aims to develop concrete initiatives in support of the social and ecological transition.

He also leads a community of social and ecological innovators within ESSEC to facilitate their cooperation and boost their visibility.
Finally, it brings together a wider community of players in social and ecological innovation – students, alumni, professors, companies, associations, foundations, local authorities, etc. – to strengthen their ability to act and collaborate in support of the transition.


A world where social, environmental and economic logics reinforce each other to enable territories, organizations and the economy as a whole to succeed in their transformation towards an inclusive and sustainable world.


Inspire, encourage, train, connect and support individuals, students, entrepreneurs, organizations, funders and regions, to strengthen their ability to act in the service of impact and in the service of this transformation.


Keep your feet on the ground but look to the stars

Strive for perfection, improve continuously and build models

Working together to maximize impact

Action Driven: start small and think big



Centre Innovation Sociale et Écologique

Jérôme Schatzman


Matthieu Courtois

Development and partnerships

Christelle Domingues


Anne-Claire Pache

Academic director

Antropia ESSEC

Aline Pehau

Operations Director

Côme Mussault

Head of social innovation program

Marie-Noëlle Dufournet

Head of Scale UP programs

Gaëlle Cazabat

Head of communication
and community

François Benichou

Head of Scale UP programs

Lola Desveaux

Head of project : impact evaluation


Elise Leclerc


Clara Cohade

Project manager

Clara Brochard Kapela

Project Manager

Bernard Leca

Academic Director

ESSEC impact unlimited

Murielle Chauvel

Director support and consulting

Associated experts

Sébastien Goua
Thierry Sibieude