A series of podcasts to take you behind the scenes of social and ecological innovation and philanthropy.

In these podcasts, we’ll take you on a journey to meet people who have had concrete experience of one of the sector’s challenges: social or ecological innovators, funders, coaches, partners, researchers, philanthropists, to get a 360° view of the issues and problems.

Podcast CISE

Backstage of the E&MISE lab

Podcast - ESSEC impact initiative

Financing social innovation

Podcasts Chaire Philanthropie

Towards strategic philanthropy

Podcasts Chaire Philanthropie

Philanthropy in question(s)

Podcasts Chaire Philanthropie

Diversity and inclusion

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Podcast Demain N'attend Pas

Demain N’attend Pas

Behind the scenes of E&MISE (Evaluation et Mesure d’Impact Social et Écologique)

Player testimonials and insights into social impact assessment approaches. Behind the scenes of E&MIS, we bring together the perspectives of project leaders, funders and experts who have worked on the process, for a dynamic, multi-faceted vision of this discipline that is still emerging in France.

Episode 3: Val d’Oise Departmental Council

Social impact assessment in a local authority context.

To talk about this, Elise Leclerc welcomes Florence Bannerman (Directrice déléguée Pilotage Comm Interne Innovation et Chargée de Mission Direction Générale) from the Conseil Départemental du Val d’Oise, in the 3rd episode of this series.

Episode 2 : Kimso

Kimso specializes in social impact assessment and measurement. To talk about this, Elise Leclerc welcomes Eléonore Lavoine, Senior Consultant at Kimso, who accompanied the social enterprise Mon copilote as part of ESSEC’s Size Up program, which you can read about in episode 1 of this series.

Episode 1: My Copilot

My Copilot is a social enterprise that describes itself as ‘the solidarity-based co-travel platform’. ESSEC supported the company in its social impact assessment through the Size Up program (financed by the ESF via Avise);

Financing social innovation: who takes the risk?

A series of meetings to decipher the challenges and opportunities for financing social innovation in France. We’ll cross-reference our points of view to obtain a realistic vision of existing, yet-to-be-invented and yet-to-be-invented financing mechanisms! Social innovation provides solutions to the world’s problems, and it’s urgent! But all innovation involves risk, so… who takes the risk?

Episode 3: The partnership between an integration company and a major corporation

What lies behind the term “social joint venture”?
Is it possible to have a greater impact if an integration company and a large group work together?
To answer these questions, Jérôme Schatzman welcomes Angelina Lamy, Managing Director of the Accenture Foundation, and Jean-Christophe Arnauné, Director of Access Inclusive Tech.

Episode 2: Entrepreneurship +


Episode 1 : Siel bleu

With Sébastien Goua and the Groupe Associatif Siel bleu, we’ll be talking about adapted physical activity, the healthcare system, innovation and experimentation in the service of the most vulnerable, the stages involved in financing innovation, and we’ll also be giving a few tips on how to finance your impact project.

Towards strategic philanthropy

Through the contrasting testimonies of 10 French philanthropists and the insights of Professors Anne-Claire Pache and Arthur Gautier, this 5-part series from ESSEC’s Philanthropy Chair illustrates the different dimensions of philanthropy strategy.

Episode 5: The vehicle

“What’s the best vehicle for distributing my donations and achieving my goals?”
The decision to channel all or part of one’s donations through a philanthropic vehicle, and the choice of the appropriate legal form to do so, is a key stage in the development of a philanthropic strategy. Cross-testimonies from Crama Trouillot-Du Boÿs (Endowment Fund and Foundation Impala Avenir) and Benoît Genuini (Amanjaya Foundation). Insights from Pr Arthur gautier.

Episode 4: The time horizon

“When and how often should I give?”, “Will my donation be more valuable today or tomorrow?”
In devising his strategy, the philanthropist considers both the duration of his donation and the rate at which it is paid out.
Témoignages croisés de Juliette Feeney-Timsit (FACT, French American Charitable Trust) et Tessa Berthon (Fondation La Ferthé). Insights from Prof. Anne-Claire Pache.

Episode 4: The time horizon

“When and how often should I give?”, “Will my donation be more valuable today or tomorrow?”
In devising his strategy, the philanthropist considers both the duration of his donation and the rate at which it is paid out.
Témoignages croisés de Juliette Feeney-Timsit (FACT, French American Charitable Trust) et Tessa Berthon (Fondation La Ferthé). Insights from Prof. Anne-Claire Pache.

Episode 3: Style

“What level of commitment and visibility do I want for my donation?”
These two questions help us to reflect on the style that the philanthropist wishes to give to his philanthropic commitment.
Interviews with Denis Duverne (Changer par le don) and Nicolas Poncin (Fondation des Épiniers); Insights from Professor Arthur Gautier.

Episode 2: The logical framework

“Who to give to?”, “How to give?”, “How to maximize the impact of my donation?”
These few questions allow us to establish a logical framework, i.e. the chain of causalities that enables a donation to generate a given social impact;
Interviews with Dominique Lemaistre (Fondation de France) and Elisabeth Elkrief (AlphaOmega Foundation); Insights from Prof. Anne-Claire Pache.

Episode 1: Value

What value do I want to create for society and for myself?”, “What is my goal?”, “What positive change do I want to bring about?”
These questions are at the heart of philanthropy, and are often at the root of it.
Interviews with Sabine Roux de Bézieux (Araok Foundation, Fondation de la Mer, association Un Esprit de Famille) and Jean-François Rambicur (ARCEAL Foundation, association 1001 Fontaines); Insights from Professor Arthur Gautier.

Philanthropy in question(s)

In each episode of this podcast, the Chaire Philanthropie presents the findings of a researcher on philanthropy in France or internationally, across all disciplines.
The objective? Putting research back into everyday life to help nurture critical thinking and explore the issues surrounding philanthropy.

Episode 17: Climate crisis and social inequalities [HORS-SÉRIE]

In this 17th special episode, Anne Monier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, does not present a research article, but tackles the subject of environmental transition through its social issues. It’s an angle that is still too little highlighted at a time when the climate crisis is worsening.

Episode 16: Lindsey McDougle – Teaching philanthropy

In this 16th episode, Anne Monnier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, brings you an opinion piece by Lindsey McDougle on the subject of higher education in the United States. It’s not a question of teaching how to raise funds, but of teaching the act of giving itself. More specifically, the researcher is interested in experiential philanthropy as a pedagogical strategy and its necessary inclusiveness.

Episode 15: Alison Body & Beth Breeze – “Unpopular causes

In this 15th episode, Anne Monnier, researcher at the Chaire Philanthropie de l’ESSEC, brings you an article by Alison Body and Beth Breeze that seeks to define “unpopular causes” and identify how the organizations that support them can maximize their philanthropic reach.

Episode 14: Shymko, Roulet, Pimentel – Symbolic capital and corporate patronage: the example of Russian theaters

In this 14th episode, Arthur Gautier, professor at ESSEC and executive director of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chairpresents an article by Yulia Shymko, Thomas Roulet and Bernardo de Melo Pimentel that looks at Russian theaters and their ability to attract corporate sponsorship based on their symbolic capital.

Episode 13: Henrietta Grönlund & Anne Birgitta Pessi – The influence of religion on philanthropy

In this 13th episode, Anne Monnier, researcher at the Chaire Philanthropie de l’ESSEC, presents an article by Henrietta Grönlund and Anne Birgitta Pessi that looks at the influence of religion on giving behavior. In particular, he shows how different ways of being religious influence generosity in different ways.

Episode 12: Von Schnurbein, Rey-Garcia & Neumayr
Rethinking philanthropy research

In this 12th episode, Anne Monier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, focuses on the link between research and its object. It’s an opportunity to take a step back from your day-to-day philanthropic practices, and think about how you can improve them – in the face of a rapidly evolving phenomenon.

Episode 11: Abhishek Bhati & Diarmuid McDonnell
Fundraising and social networks: the case of Facebook

In this 11th episode, Anne Monier, researcher at ESSEC’s Philanthropy Chair, presents an article by Abhishek Bhati and Diarmuid McDonnell entitled “Success in an Online Giving Day: the Role of Social Media in Fundraising”, published in NVSQ magazine. In it, the authors analyze the effectiveness of using Facebook at the Omaha Gives in the USA in 2015. It’s an opportunity to take a scientific look at how practitioners feel about their use of social networks on a day-to-day basis.

Episode 10 : Dale, Ackerman, Mesch, Osili & Garcia
Giving to the causes of women and girls

Who donates to women’s and girls’ causes? Why? In the run-up to March 8, International Women’s Rights Day.
In this 10th episode, the Philanthropy Chair presents an episode on the subject of gifts to women and girls. Anne Monier presents an article by Elizabeth Dale, Jacqueline Ackerman, Debra Mesch, Una Okonkwo Osili and Silvia Garcia published in 2018 and entitled “Giving to Women and Girls: An Emerging Area of Philanthropy”. Through the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, this American survey sheds light on the characteristics and motivations of those who donate to women’s causes.

Episode 9: Anne Monier – A plea for research

The podcast celebrates 1 year! 🎂 In this 9th episode, researcher Anne Monier introduces you to the forum she held on December 1 at the Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, before an audience of 160 philanthropists, philanthropy professionals, researchers, media and institutions.
It’s a real plea for the importance of researchers in society. 🎓💡A committed, highly important episode, which we invite you to share very widely in your networks!

Episode 8: Deniz Kuru – Philanthropy and international relations

In this 8th episode, Anne Monier, researcher at the Chaire Philanthropie de l’ESSEC, brings you an article by Deniz Kuru, who looks back at the weight of the major American foundations at the time of the creation of international relations as a social science in its own right. A historical approach that sheds light on the influence of philanthropic funding in the European intellectual field.

Episode 7: Edouard Morena – Climate philanthropy

In this 7th episode, just a few days before COP26, Anne Monier has chosen to talk to you this month about climate philanthropy – a crucial topic on which her work at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair are currently underway. To address this issue, she presents an article by Edouard Morena published in 2018, entitled “The smell of money: philanthropic foundations in the international climate debate”.

Episode 6: Liket, Rey-Garcia & Maas – A critical look at evaluations

In this episode: how to evaluate philanthropic organizations? What are the criteria for a good assessment? This question is at the heart of the sector’s concerns, and Anne Monier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair , presents an article that takes a critical look at evaluations. Co-authored by Kellie Liket, Marta Rey-Garcia and Karen Maas, this article was published in 2014 in the American Journal of Evaluation and is entitled “Why aren’t evaluations working and what to do about it”.

Episode 5: Sylvain A. Lefèvre & Anne Monier – Philanthropy and democracy

Anne Monier, researcher at the Chaire Philanthropie of ESSEC, presents the book Philanthropes en démocratie, which she co-edited with Sylvain A. Lefèvre and published in April 2021 by Presses universitaires de France, in the “La vie des idées” collection.

In this 5th episode, she revisits the main ideas of the various chapters of the book: “What power for great philanthropy in our democracies in crisis?”. “Philanthropy and electoral aggiornamento. The redeployment of elite strategies, 1815-1848”. “Giving practices. Philanthropy in France and the United States”. “The power of philanthropic billionaires in world politics”. “Do philanthropists love the planet? Capitalism, climate change and philanthropy”.

Episode 4: John Godfrey & Alexandra Williamson
Fundraising in times of crisis

In this 4th episode, Anne Monier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, brings you a very useful article for these times. John Godfrey and Alexandra Williamson analyze the impact of economic crises on fundraising. Anne Monier presents 7 results of their research.

Episode 3: Matthiew Hale – Philanthropy in the media

Our third episode looks at how philanthropy is perceived in the media. Anne Monier, researcher at the Chaire Philanthropie of ESSEC, presents an article by Matthew Hale that examines how 9 major American newspapers report on philanthropic organizations. A little explored subject…

Episode 2: Amélie Le Renard – A look at Saudi philanthropy

In this second episode, we travel to Saudi Arabia. Anne Monier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, presents an article by sociologist Amélie Le Renard. In it, she describes a country where the notions of the welfare state and charity merge…

Episode 1: Marcel Mauss – An anthropology of the gift

In this first episode, we take you to the heart of a work you’ve probably already heard of: the Essai sur le don (1923-1924) by Marcel Mauss (1872-1950). With Anne Monier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, discover how this renowned anthropologist’s famous text can illuminate our vision and understanding of contemporary philanthropy.

Episode 0: At the heart of philanthropy research

In this introductory episode, Professor Anne-Claire Pache, Executive Director of the Chaire Philanthropie Arthur Gautier, and researcher Anne Monier tell you about the origins of the Chaire Philanthropie, how philanthropy has been studied by researchers, and the raison d’être of this podcast.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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AFL Diversity invites you to meet inspiring personalities working for inclusion and diversity in organizations. Discover their stories, their advice and also some concrete ideas on how to make your company more inclusive.




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