Assessing its impact


You want to be able to assess the social or environmental impact of organizations, and use it as a management tool.

This course will enable you to familiarize yourself with this complex subject and to acquire the methodological elements needed to manage and even carry out a social impact assessment and measurement process;

1. Discover the subject

Through this series of podcasts, you’ll discover the subject through the experience of players who have carried out, financed or supported social impact assessment initiatives.

2. Further reflection :

Thanks to the Observatoire de l’Évaluation d’Impact Social, you’ll be able to understand the issues and measure the progress of impact assessment in France, while discovering inspiring practices and examples:

3. Acquire the fundamentals :

The MOOC Evaluation and measurement of social impact will guide you through this crucial process, enabling you to understand the issues, choose and appropriate the tools, and exploit the results.

Social impact assessment and measurement

Approx. 8 hours to finish

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4. Taking action :

Take part in an action training course


Created in partnership with Admical and Kimso, this training-action course is based on a concrete evaluation project that you wish to carry out, and will enable you to acquire operational mastery of the various stages of evaluation, from identifying the need to using the results, in order to communicate and support decision-making. We’ll help you understand the concepts and apply them to your project.

Social Impact Assessment Observatory

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