How to act for impact

Discover training courses to deepen your knowledge, fuel your thinking and take action.

These courses are structured into 4 levels:

– Understand the topic
– Further reflection
– Acquire the fundamentals
– Taking action

MOOCs, testimonials, podcasts and videos – choose the format that suits you best!

Creating an impact business

This course is particularly aimed at those wishing to launch an entrepreneurial project with an environmental or social vocation. It will take you from the idea to the project, detailing each structuring phase involved in creating an impact company.

Through testimonials from impact entrepreneurs in a variety of fields and MOOCs dedicated to impact entrepreneurship, you’ll gain the keys to success for your entrepreneurial project, as well as a solid understanding of the Social Solidarity Economy. You will also discover the « Start Up » program provided by Antropia ESSEC, ESSEC’s incubator for impact business companies, to help you structure your project.

Scaling up

To have participated in the creation of an impact company generating positive social or environmental impact is already to have taken a crucial step. But how can we go further? How can you multiply your social or environmental impact? What are the growth opportunities for the company?

This course will provide you with examples of companies that have were successful in their scale-up and the approaches they have adopted to achieve this success. You will also discover the “Scale Up” program proposed by Antropia ESSEC, the incubator for impact companies of ESSEC, to help you define your scaling-up strategy.

Transforming your organization from the inside

This course will introduce you to different ways of transforming your business model, to move towards a circular approach for example, or to put your company on the Paris Agreement’s 2-degree trajectory. Partnerships with associations to generate social or environmental impact, impact-based intrapreneurship, evolution towards mission-based company status, evolution of the notion of performance…

Business man with a hammer

Funding social innovation

There are many ways to finance your project: commercial activities, capital fundraising, public subsidies, private donations…

To help you understand the sources of funding for social innovation and how to mobilize them, we suggest you follow our podcast series on the subject and our MOOC series on impact investing.

Evaluating a social impact

Social impact assessment is essential for social innovation. Its framework should be set up upstream of the project whenever possible… It enables you to check whether and to what extent the initial objectives of your project have been achieved, to explore ways of improving your practices, to facilitate the obtaining of funding and the support of internal or external stakeholders for the project…

Numerous methods have been developed for carrying out social impact assessments. Some of these are detailed in the MOOC and podcasts you’ll find in this training course. You’ll also have the opportunity to take action thanks to a training-action course.