Des inspirations et des ressources pour alimenter vos projets pédagogiques

Incubators 4 change

Incubators 4 Change is a cooperation project, financed by the European program for education, training and youth Erasmus+


HIVE is a consortium of 10 universities sharing one ambition : to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in higher education institutions, by networking and exchanging the best practices identified, improving the commercialization innovation ecosystems in the research institutions and higher education institutions


EXPAND is a 3-year Erasmus+ project.
This is a challenge-based accelerator program & toolbox for university students and teaching staff, focused on tackling major societal problems

Social X-change

Social X-Change is a network of Social Innovation Centers.
The purpose  of Social X-Change is to grow an international  knowledge sharing network connecting academics and practitioners around social innovation and business practices towards a ‘just transition’.

Fresque de la diversité

La Fresque de la Diversité est un atelier d’intelligence collective qui permet de susciter des prises de conscience et des questionnements sur les enjeux de diversité, d’inclusion et de discriminations au sein des organisations.