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Social X-Change Program

What is Social X-Change?

Social X-Change is a network of Social Innovation Centers made up of five founding members: four Higher Education Institutions (ESSEC in France, Munich Business School in Germany, TEDU in Turkey and URL in Spain), and one network of incubators, Impact Hub. The aim of Social X-Change is to generate research outputs and practical resources to enrich  knowledge and curricula for students as well as for academics and practitioners around social innovation and entrepreneurship.

The network  will closely collaborate with practitioners at global and European levels by sharing research insights, good practice and tools around social entrepreneurship and in improving education on Social Innovation.

What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose  of Social X-Change is to grow an international  knowledge sharing network connecting academics and practitioners around social innovation and business practices towards a ‘just transition’.

Social X-Change will develop research projects around 3 specific themes:

    • Impact measurement and management
    • Impact investment
    • Impact-related frameworks for the transformation of businesses

These collaborative cross-national research projects will enable the creation  of new knowledge towards  Entrepreneurship curricula in Higher Education, not only for internal implementation amongst the network members but also for  external dissemination to HEI Management and Business HEIs across Europe and beyond.

Business school students are the primary target for this collaboration and through Social X-Change they will benefit from new curricula with a more international dimension generated by the joint research projects.

They will benefit from in-depth cross-european knowledge on the three critical themes covered by Social X-Change (social impact measurement, impact investing and regulatory frameworks for impact-related businesses), and will therefore be better prepared to become entrepreneurs towards a more sustainable economy.

Practitioners will also be primary stakeholders for Social X-Change insofar as their experience tackling similar social challenges in different ecosystems will help inform future curricula through co-construction, as facilitated by the Impact Hub

Additionally, they will benefit more widely through the dissemination activities of practitioner oriented materials, in order to make sure the knowledge generated across consortium members can also contribute to adult education through practitioner training in support of third party organisations like incubators of social enterprises (through the Impact Hub network, the Incubators 4 Change network and other support organisations across Europe).

Secondary target groups will therefore include HEI teaching staff from the consortium and from other HEIs reached through dissemination activities, and support organisations such as incubators of social entrepreneurship programmes.

Policy-makers will constitute a secondary target audience insofar as the outputs of the project will be disseminated to them and as some specific themes might be relevant to their decision-making (e.g. around impact investing and private-public partnerships or around the creation of new impact-related legal frameworks at national level).

Which projects/what kind of ideas/themes will be supported/included?

Social X-Change will implement research and learning activities to create curricula and knowledge sharing around:

Impact measurement and management, an issue transversal to all activities with a social and/or environmental remit

Tailored impact investment curriculum for a social entrepreneurship, a priority for private and public investors and policy-makers to develop social entrepreneurship.

Catalytic capital as a key element of financial models to adress under-resourced social challenges.

Frameworks for impact-related businesses across Europe

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